A few reasons why giving me a follow will be the best decision you've made all hour.
  1. I'm moderately funny. 😎
    My grandmother once told me I could do anything. She is dead now, but her words still live inside me. I'm going to give it my all and put out some mildly amusing lists. Lists you won't want to miss. Maybe you will. I don't know you that well yet. Let's fix that.
  2. I'm very sensitive. 😕
    One of my friends told me I'm very "thin skinned", so not receiving validation from a community of strangers on the Internet will eventually weigh heavily on me. Do you really need that on your conscience?
  3. I will never try to borrow money. 💸
    I know, everyone probably says that to you. But really, I won't. I mean unless things get really tight, in which case what kind of friend would you be if you said no? It's cool, I'm sure I'll be fine. Did we just have our first fight? I think we did.
  4. I will never let you borrow money. 🤑🚫😒
    Lending a friend money is just being an enabler and a hinderance to said friend's financial independence.