Just in case the International Olympic Committee is looking for a few filler events, I'm making a list.
  1. Synchronized Selfies
    Two best friends take selfies at the same time and must match the face and angle of the other.
  2. 200 Meet Her Dash
    A cross between tinder and speed dating.
  3. Try-athlon
    I try to do sports and embarrass myself and my family.
  4. Badminton
    Because it's friggen badminton and badminton should always be included.
  5. Decaf-lon
    Who can stay awake the longest.
  6. Competitive water bottle throwing
    Like all those videos you've seen.
  7. Three-legged Race
    Olympic runners are randomly assigned an audience member to pair up with. They then race with their legs tied together.
    Suggested by @RyanDangerSims