And you can too ✌
  1. I cut out processed food.
    All of it! I am currently on day 9 of an elimination diet and am actually feeling really great. My skin had cleared up and my energy is being back to normal. I really think everyone should try this at least once in their life and see how they feel!
  2. I make my bed every morning and do my dishes every night.
    A clean apartment really makes for a peaceful mind.
  3. I reach out to people I love.
    Moving to the midwest alone after college could definitely be a little lonely at times. It helps so much to call or text old friends and family. Staying connected with loved ones really helps me feel grounded.
  4. I choose my outfit for tomorrow before I go to bed.
    SO lame, I know. But it actually saves me so much time in the morning and makes me feel productive right away.
  5. I do the most important things first.
    I used to waste so much time on social media as soon as I woke up. The first thing I did was check all my different sites (Facebook, list app, email, etc). Instead I now have a list of the the most important things I want to get some each day and I get started right away. Getting out of bed without scrolling through my phone has added so much productivity to my day!
  6. I drink water.
    I started carrying around a water bottle everywhere. If I have it around I'll drink it. And if I drink more throughout the day I feel so so so much better. My skin looks better for it too!
  7. I make lists.
    Related to #5. Making a to-do list every day has changed my life! Seriously I am finally doing all the things I've wanted to get done for months.
  8. I learn how to do new things.
    Whenever I think "that sounds really cool" I make a point to try it before the week is over. This week I made help milk, started watching Game of Thrones, went to a whole-pig roast in my friends backyard, and applied to be a volunteer for a suicide crisis hotline (and got accepted this morning!)
  9. I downsized.
    Not just my closet, but I took an inventory of all my belongings and got rid of anything I don't need or use anymore. Nothing has felt better! I feel like I can finally use and enjoy all the things I do have. Plus my room looks amazing.
  10. I prioritize my sleep.
    Over one more episode on Netflix or staying out with friends an extra hour at the bar. This was the hardest change for me but is so worth it