it feels good, watch.
  1. I might not get an offer for graduate school.
  2. Specifically the thought of not getting an offer to UM.
  3. My dad's health is not good and he is showing signs of early Alzheimers.
  4. Not doing good enough job in my lab.
  5. Crush on coworker that won't die.
  6. Bank account is rapidly disappearing.
  7. My weight has dropped to 101 lbs. I know it's bad.
  8. Can't afford therapy.
  9. My health insurance is shit.
  10. Will I get an offer to UM??
  11. Will I find a job or an internship post-graduation?
    Suggested by @BrentMWiggins
  12. I got a harsh parent email that was cc'ed to at least one administrator, do they trust me enough to read between the lines of the email?
    Suggested by @e
  13. I might have to have a conversation.
    Suggested by @jeremysomething
  14. Seventh grade
    Suggested by @eetak
  15. My parents are broke and constantly fighting and should probably separate but I think that would be even worse financially for them? So I've no clue.
    Suggested by @victoriaedel
  16. The up and down financial rollercoaster of being self-employed makes me afraid I'll never be stable.
    Leaving that sucker here.
    Suggested by @marykathryn
  17. Mary Power leaving her passport in the bathroom. THINGS I DO AT THE AIRPORT
    Virtual panic attack! One of my biggest fears-so I have photo copies in my bag, suitcase, glove box and photo on my phone. Or Tom Hanks in The Terminal 😱
    Suggested by @angela3950
  18. Can't tell if I don't like my college because I'm still new or if I don't like my college because it sucks and I'm miserable
    Suggested by @allisonlantagne
  19. Do I stay in the condo I really like, but is filled with memories both good and bad.
    Or do I decide to find a new apartment, get a clean break and a fresh start. But also take on the immediate stress of moving costs, security deposit, et al.
    Suggested by @HisDudeness
  20. I've lost hope at being treated right. Is this it? Do I have to choose between those that treat me like crap or those who could love me but are unavailable? It leaves my stomach in knots.😣
    Suggested by @nikkilounoel
  21. I'm worried that I've been stagnating for so long I'll never get moving again.
    Suggested by @jennifergster