I Am Obsessed With Sloth Bears.

They have been my favorite animal since I saw them as a kid at the National Zoo in DC. I even have a sloth bear stuffed animal. And sometimes when I see videos of them I get a little weepy they are so cute. Like so unbearably cute. I don't know what to do right now.
  1. They look like massive shaggy sloths omg.
    In the late 1700s, the first Europeans to see sloth bears described them as bear-like sloths due to their ungainly appearance and long claws. That's why they are called sloth bears! For the record they are bears, not sloths. ✌🏽️
  2. They are giant furballs with sloth claws I'm crying.
    This is the perfect animal.
  3. They look like they are smiling.
  4. They are chill bros.
  5. They actually live really solitary lives, just like me.
    Like this is literally a picture of me.
  6. They are actually considered insectivorous and eat mostly ants and termites.
    A gap in their front teeth allows them to suck up ants, termites, and other bugs. They have little gaps! How cute is that!
  7. Lumpy butts.
  8. Scraggly cubs.
    So cute it makes me want to burst into tears.
  9. They also love honey like a classic bear.
  10. They have such cute hair cuts.
  11. Down to clown.
  12. If you feel like you've never seen a sloth bear before, you probably actually have!
    Baloo from the jungle book is a sloth bear! His name comes from the Hindi word "bhalu" which means "bear"
  13. Apparently they are extremely noisy messy eaters which I think is too adorable.
    People have heard their sucking and slurping from over 90 meters (around 300 ft) away!
  14. Biologists often describe them as "awkward" because of their "messy appearance" and because their claws cant retract so they look a bit awkward when they walk.
    Basically they are very clumsy and it's amazing.
  15. But also so majestic.
    Look at that flow.
  16. Listen, sloth bears DGAF.
  17. I just love how they sit on their butts.
    This is the wisest damn animal in the jungle.
  18. They are perfect.
  19. Sobbing now. Bye.