Things I like way too much, given how cool they actually are. These are my potentially unwarranted obsessions:
  1. Iced tea
    I can drink a trenti in less than twenty minutes people
  2. Avocados
    My life source
  3. Moccasins
    Seriously my shoe of choice at all times, shoulda worn them to prom
  4. Air conditioning
    Blast it
  5. My cat
    Not cats, just mine
  6. Infused water
    Liquid nectar of the heavens
  7. Vampire Weekend
  8. Salad
    Idk I just like vegetables ok
  9. Podcasts
    Always on, ALWAYS
  10. Color coding
    Closet, drawers, bookshelf, spice rack, someone help
  11. Contemporary poetry
    Hannah Gamble, Richard Siken, Kristen Hatch, Anne Carson
  12. Yellow things
  13. Lists
    Ja feel?
  14. Massaman Curry
  15. Old photographs
    Love that vintage sepia
  16. Names
  17. Jellyfish
    TFW @bdubbayou knows me better than I know myself