1. Movie scenes as book covers
  2. Not having a top sheet
  3. Shorts and uggs
    Solely because of what each of these respectively indicates about the temperature
  4. Giving emoticons a nose
    Wrong :-(
  5. Ordering steak well-done
    Moral opposition
  6. Putting toilet paper on the wrong way
    You know which way I mean, which proves my point
  7. Drying off after you step out of the shower and already soaked the bath mat
    Incompliance of basic decency
  8. Keeping the safety on your lighter
  9. Sushi with cream cheese in it
    I'm not saying it doesn't taste good, it's just objectively incorrect
  10. Saying "I could do that" when looking at abstract art
    Great go ahead yeah for sure yeah just do it you got this
  11. Taking a phone call in a public restroom
  12. Preference of Family Guy over South Park
    Objectively incorrect
  13. Toothpaste from the top of the tube
  14. Three ring binders with any width other than 1.5 inches
  15. Pre-ground pepper
  16. Texting with keyboard sound on
    Can you not
  17. Jeans with running shoes
    Plz stop
  18. Wall-to-wall carpeting over your hardwood floors
  19. White chocolate
  20. Flip flops