Don't take life (or me) too seriously
  1. I'm fine. I didn't drink that much. See? I can walk.
  2. I'm good, how are you? (Are we really ever just good? What is good? The "B" grade of life? I don't have pneumonia today, so I'm good.)
  3. Sorry. (No, we are not sorry. Can we stop saying sorry for everything? I caught myself saying sorry to a desk I bumped into. I SAID SORRY TO A DESK.)
  4. Your baby is adorable. (Congratulations, seriously, that's awesome for you that you are on your life path and this being is part of that. My path is to a coffee, right now. I will see you when it starts school, most likely. I do love you. I also love coffee. I'm just being honest here.)
  5. Everything is going to be fine. (No, it's not. Your going to get your heart broken so many times your chest hurts. You will, at some point, be on your knees crying with sorrow, everyone/thing you love will be ripped away... And, then, you'll die, and become part of a massive blob of energy that gets recycled. So, actually, I guess it will be fine.)