Sometimes, I feel like an alien on this planet.
  1. Religion
    I was raised in a super Catholic family. In first grade, I started questioning it and by 12, I left the church. It is the most isolating feeling in the world to have everyone around you believe a whole set of things you do not. It feels like being the last one standing in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. I had to move and meet new people. I'm still freaked out.
  2. Food
    I want food to live. I could live without it. I am freaked out by what people will eat and what they will endure to overeat: stomach pain, heart disease, factory farming, death. I really don't get it.
  3. Fear of sex
    Why are people afraid of sex? None of us would be here without it. There was a guy on the news who heard part of a porn movie and was shaking. He said he felt, "violated." What? Really?
  4. Racism
    I've been battling this since I was young and told horrible, dishonest things about different races. I don't understand how people can actually think people are that much different AND that the biggest differences are by skin color. But mostly, how do people keep horrible people in their lives who have proven to be poor companions and then turn people away by the color of their skin. What the hell?
  5. Tradition
    Sure, it's fun to drink hot chocolate on a certain day. Maybe it is fun to decorate things. I don't understand generations of people who expect nothing to ever change and really want nothing to ever change. I have no patience for any of that whole, "back in my day," crap. Things are supposed to progress.
  6. Boys and Girls
    Why would anyone want a toy kitchen to play with? "Ooh, fun! Chores!" When I was a kid, I loved this one you that made cars out of aluminum foil. You could paint them and then crush them to make new cars. I also learned to oil paint when I was 7. The only exception to the this rant is "The EaZ Bake Oven." Cooking with a lightbulb is cool.