I've been in hundreds of pits and survived, even as a (gasp!) girl... If you want to throw down, do it... But go prepared.
  1. Footwear
    Military boots with steel toes are the best, followed by Dr. Marten style boots, finally athletic sneakers, if you don't value your ankles. I like to add some soft ankle protectors under the boot, just in case. No other footwear is appropriate. Just don't even try.
  2. Bring few items, secure it
    Bring ID, Money, insurance card and ticket. Safety pin this stuff with several pins into a front pocket. You need to hold that crap down.
  3. Let's talk about groping
    It can happen. Not often, but it happens in the rest of life and the pit is no different. Most of the people at shows want to have a good time and don't commit crimes, but add alcohol and well, all hell breaks lose. I like to wear a sports bra under more than one layer. It hasn't happened often, but I like to be prepared. If someone gropes you, punch them and call it out... So other people can punch them.
  4. Taking a break
    Need to catch your air? If you're on the west coast, head to the center; on the east coast, head to the edge. Don't worry about shoving your way out, but it will go quicker if you scream a friendly, "coming through," on your way.
  5. Protect your face, but leave a hand free
    Be ready to bring to fists to your forehead, elbows in front of face if you see some boots going overhead. Someone crowd surfing may fall and kick you. Don't forget to be loose enough to throw the occasional metal sign.
  6. Tell a friend
    Tell someone you're going in. If you fall, people will pick you up, but if you get injured, your friends will know to check the medical area at the show.
  7. Get up front
    Things have gotten better, but usually the girls at the front are perfectly coifed and well guarded by a man. Fight your way to the front, sweaty as hell and give some love to your favorite bands. They LOVE seeing girls have fun in the pit. You got this. Get out there! \m/
  8. If you loved it, do it again
    Keep showing up and getting in there for your favorite bands. Then, pick up an instrument and start your own pit. The only thing better than being in a pit is seeing one in front of your stage.