Anything I can make metal hands to and uncomfortably engage the bar...
  1. Angel of Death - Slayer
    That opening Slayer scream just does it for me.
  2. Mother - Danzig
    Do you want bang heads with me?
  3. Master of Puppets - Metallica
    There's a painfully awkward guitar solo of massive time that allows for audience interaction no one is comfortable with.
  4. Man in the Box - Alice in Chains
    Maybe I just love yelling, "rubbbb my nose in shittt!"
  5. Hysteria - Muse
    Everyone loves Muse. Seriously.
  6. Children of the Sea - Black Sabbath
    Ahhh - Black Sabbath - it's great to sing both Ozzy and Dio Sabbath.
  7. War Pigs - Black Sabbath
    I cover this with my band, as well - duh. Everyone knows the words. It turns any karaoke sesh into a Euro Metal Fest.
  8. Proud Mary
    A great screecher with built in dance moves.
  9. Hedwig - anything
    Damn it. I love Hedwig. When @actuallyNPH was Hedwig, I flew back to NYC to see it, dressed as a unicorn. (Actually, it was this whole huge mission to take a trip with my adopted sister after her mom died of cancer. I told her I'd fly back from CA in 2 months and we would see @actuallyNPH in Hedwig, and I promised to go dressed as a pink unicorn. It made her smile, like her old smile before all the suffering.)