1. Professional snowboarder
    I hate snow, but for one day, I would love to be one of those people who could snowboard directly from jumping out of a helicopter.
  2. Special effects artist
    I kinda want to drop my life and make latex zombies.
  3. National touring rock star
    It's hard work, but I'd love it.
  4. Hedwig on Broadway
    I know all the songs. Give me a shot.
  5. An amazing tattoo artist
    My tattoo artist makes me so happy. I would love to do that for someone.
  6. Commercial pilot
    The hours and pay suck, but I'd love to fly a giant plane one.
  7. Auto cross driver
    I think I'm just going to try this one.
  8. Base jumper
    It's insane, but why not?
  9. Train conductor
    I like to go fast. That's a thing.
  10. Professional dancer
    They make it look so easy.
  11. Otter attendant
    You know, the people feeding otters in the marine hospital. I used to volunteer for one, but I only tube fed sea lions.
  12. UFC fighter
    I still have a little Boston in me.