I've been waiting to use this app for my 2016 list. I always do this crap because I'm really specific.
  1. Release new album
    It's going to happen, record release party and all. The theme of the party will have to be something amazing like, "superheroes that do not exist." Expecting things like, "dry clean man, has chemical breath and can press your suit while on you."
  2. Make a movie
    Of course I'm going to make it on my phone. I'm going to make something that will make people cry and question the meaning of the end. Also, I am going to talk friend into borrowing her child, who may actually be a sociopath.
  3. Tell live stories to 2016 people
    I do storytelling, but I am going to tally the people in attendance and reach this number. Going to happen.
  4. Obtain a full otter costume
    Why is it so hard? I'm currently dressed as a narwhal. I made an otter costume, but it's not full body. I need one. I'm really an otter.
  5. Write a book
    Yup. Why not.
  6. Update this list
    I will post updates to all my endeavors to keep me honest. These things are happening.
  7. Become bilingual
    I don't care if it's Klingon, some second language.