Some people say I'm the busiest person they know. While I do all I do, I deal with COPD and chronic pain from being hit by a drunk driver. Here's how I do it with a smile. 😀 (*this is anecdotal sharing and not medical advice. Always check with your doctor.)
  1. It's not your fault
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    Even if your illness is your fault, you're still human. It's important to be able to change your habits to live healthier if those changes need to be made, but it is much easier to do if you forgive yourself for your mistakes and move forward.
  2. Ask for help
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    Let your family and friends know what you're dealing with. Do you need help cleaning up the house? Need a meal delivered? Dog walked? They can't help if they don't know. When you're better, you can treat them to a meal.
  3. What can you do?
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    While you are experiencing a flair-up in your illness, even taking a shower can be impossible. Keep a list of items you want to do but lack time. Keep a reading list and hobbies for your downtime. Enjoying your hobbies or a good book will help you relax. Relaxation helps heal the body and get you back to life sooner.
  4. Take visitors
    Even a 10 minute visit from a friend can be like a day at An amusement park when you've been alone and sick. Sometimes we feel gross and not presentable for company, but your friends love you and don't care if you're in your pajamas.
  5. Netflix and Chills?
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    Have people over to watch hours of horror movies while you sweat out a fever. Watching some of our favorite movies can bring happiness to a lonely situation.
  6. Hug your furry friend
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    Our little friends just make life better. Hug your dog. He's probably on high alert with your illness, anyway.
  7. Remember you'll be back
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    In my case, I will be Storytelling, drumming, and singing in a few weeks. Right now, my job is to take care of me. You'll get back out there and you'll be great.