I was vegetarian for awhile before going vegan. I feel even better with these changes and they were easy. It's been great to get healthier while not supporting factory farming and animal abuse. (Not medical advice, personal experience)
  1. Where do you get your protein?
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    This is the most popular question I get. There is actually a lot of protein trapped in vegetables. I also use tofu, legumes, and nuts. There are many professional body builders who are vegan now.
  2. Do you hate people who eat meat?
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    No way! My partner is still an omnivore. He's been doing more vegetarian meals because it makes him feel better. It took me awhile to go vegetarian and then vegan. In a society with burgers on billboards at every corner, it's harder for some than others. I respect all of that.
  3. How should I start?
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    If you're a full omnivore, you may want to try being vegetarian 2 days a week and then go from there. Jumping right from omnivore to vegan is hard. Making things harder than needed can harm your success rate. Start some vegetarian meals, then days. Then, start removing dairy by using almond milk in your coffee, and go from there!
  4. What about the other stuff?
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    Typically, being vegan means not using anything produced by animals. So this means no leather and specific makeup (makeup has fish scales and bug blood). There are a lot shoe, clothing and makeup companies that make vegan alternatives. There's also vegan shampoo and conditioner. This is all a process, so take it one step at s time.
  5. What about the stuff I own?
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    Different people do different things. Some people donate items to charity, while many others just keep existing, already purchased items. I chose to keep existing items and buy vegan going forward. It was really easy to just replace worn shoes with new vegan shoes. Even Doc Marten makes vegan shoes and boots now!
  6. Is it healthy?
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    Yes! In only 5 months between going from vegetarian to vegan, my cholesterol went down 50 points! Animal protein is main cause of high cholesterol. I also sing and dairy products are bad for singers. A lack of dairy also helps reduce inflammation over your whole body. This helps back pain and lung ailments, like asthma. If you don't eat massive bowls of pasta everyday, you'll drop some pounds, too.
  7. Good luck and ask questions!
    I've been vegetarian for 23 years and vegan for 5. I've learned a lot along the way. Feel free to ask me questions!