"I can't be sure that this state of mind is not of my own design"
  1. The everlasting waiting of a sign that makes me believe my idol will return to my country
  2. Having a fan account on twitter 💙
  3. 80 photographs on the bedroom walls
  4. Staying awake all night when there is something live about my idol and he's in another zone
  5. Sending 24842947 messages to him trying to show my feelings
  6. Having a paste in my photo gallery dedicated to his photos
  7. Being known as a "his name's fan"
  8. Turning notifications of all his social midias on
  9. Loving him more than I could imagine someday. Realizing my life has sense while he exists in it. Being happier each day more as a person because of love ✨
  10. @john Thank you!