I thought about this list on and off for sometime I believe I have some good ones; strangely they're most food though.
  1. 1) My favorite is gas station food. Fried burritos, nachos with artificial cheese, slurpees, gallons of soda.
  2. 2) Early afternoon TV shows like Ned's declassified, Zoey, iCarly.
  3. 3) McDonalds hamburgers and fries.
  4. 4) Baked Bologna and cheese sandwich, so crunchy.
  5. 5) Star Wars audiobooks. I love Star Wars yep.
  6. 6) Watching Fox News and laughing at them, reminding myself thru their delusions why I can't be a conservative.
  7. 7) Ben 10, X-men, DC and Marvel comics.