1. I got up ridiculously late.
    I opened my eyes at 8am and said NOPE, actually left my bed at 1:00pm
  2. I ate
    Actually that was not a waste. I had 2 quesadillas with shrooms.
  3. I played league of legends for 2 hours
    And I lost like 3/4
  4. I went downstairs to get a glass of water.
    I saw my niece and remembered that I'm single as fuck.
  5. I saw an episode of House at some point....
  6. I went on snapchat.
    Dragcon was this weekend. Damnit.
  7. I read the last chapter of a loooongass fanfiction.
    And watched some porn after.
  8. Went on instagram
    I spent like 15 minutes on Trisha Paytas IG. I thought "I'm so glad I unfollowed her, this is a waste of time" and then followed her again right after.
  9. Mother's Day is not until Tuesday here in Mexico .
    I'm so done with mom stuff
  10. I made an order for an iPad mini 2 at Costco. Mom's gift!
    I'm a cheap bitch.
  11. I'm trying to avoid eye contact with my laptop.
    I have work to do.
  12. I need to get my shit together.