1. Hey list app i know a lot of you guys were upset at me about this NOW THAT WHITE PRIVILEGE IS OVER WHAT SHOULD WE TALK ABOUT NEXT?
  2. I was teasing that because of all the lists about white privilege the fight was over
  3. And my attempt at a joke was red meat for everyone looking for an enemy
  4. I'm not your enemy
  5. This app is extremely progressive
  6. I wonder if there is a single republican inclined user on here
  7. The problem has always been a lack of love
  8. Something that I clearly demonstrated with my ill timed remarks
  9. We're a family here and despite different backgrounds we're all in this together
  10. I hope and pray that all of you get the love and respect you need and don't feel put upon or ignored or disregarded or looked down upon because none of us want to feel that way
  11. But if that does happen. You know where your friends are
  12. One love list app
  13. Night y'all