May he never be forgotten @ChrisK
  1. It is a fair thing to list
  2. It is another thing to list well
  3. To list right and brave and true
  4. To never say die and be always impeccably you
  5. To list the nonsensical and the sensical
  6. To give of yourself till there's nothing left to give
  7. To remind us to take heart when we've lost the will to live
  8. It is another thing altogether
  9. To write about the weather
  10. And somehow remind us that we are all in this together
  11. You taught us about proper grammer
  12. While all we can do is stammer
  13. Words were your plaything
  14. You allowed us in to a secret world we didnt know existed
  15. You inspired us to list about things we didnt know we had in us
  16. You pushed us forward
  17. You made us all better people
  18. You talked about books as if you had a lover
  19. You made us realize that there is always something new to say, and new sounds to listen for.
  20. You told us about dimples
  21. We miss you already @ChrisK
  22. There will never be another