Added to: Reasons I haven't listed much lately

  1. I wrote this article about the podcast "Hello From the Magic Tavern"
    When i write about a podcast i listen to hours and hours of it then do an interview then spend hours transcribing and editing before adding an intro
  2. I wrote this article about a podcast as well - Welcome to Night Vale -
  3. I wrote this essay about the art of the interview -
  4. I spent hours researching an article on wrestling music for Thrillist that is on hold
  5. I spent hours working on a news story that didn't happen
  6. I feed a lot of animals living at home
  7. I work with my dad and spend a lot of time with him since my mom doesnt want him to drive
  8. I helped my sisters family move off our property
  9. I visited Washington DC with a friend and went to art museums and saw the White House
  10. I went to watch @tombatten read
  11. I helped my dad get a boat
  12. I pulled out old family photos
    Me and dad and brother
  13. Me and mom
  14. I went to Shoneys for their cherry pie and tried to figure out what an A A burger was
  15. I sit in on acting class monday nights run by an old friend of mine from acting class 20 years ago
  16. Weekly i watch and take a quiz on a nearly 2 hour video that breaks open the historical and contextual stuff in the bible that you would never know by yourself if you're interested
  17. I went to a house show and heard these amazing singers Taylor Leonhardt and Jess Ray
  18. Also i am regularly tired from bad digestion which is why i didnt list more often in the first place. I went on a great diet in december that fixed everything but i had to eat a ton of vegetables and severely limit sugar and carbs and thats hard to do at home without my own space in the refrigerator.
    When i move out, i know i can stick to the diet because i want to do it!
  19. Im very connected to my church. Here's a picture from a recent weekend conference by a wild holy ghost evangelist named John Crowder who is denounced as a heretic wherever he goes and I love him.
  20. Me and John Crowder together.
  21. I spent a lot of time helping with a mural thats being painted at our church. Isn't it cool?
  22. I got a new car! It's a Fiat. I love it so much.
  23. And so many other things guys. I'm tired right now
  24. I forgot. I drove 3.5 hours to Alexandria to interview someone for another article that I'm finishing up right now
  25. Also I've watched all the new Twin Peaks episodes and read way too much about it
  26. Heres that article i wrote about the interview i drove to Alexandria for