1. You're gonna fail. You have to accept it
  2. You're gonna hurt someone. You can only hurt the ones you love.Try and repair the damage.
  3. Someone's going to hurt you. Don't let yourself become bitter over it
  4. Some things aren't going to work out the way you planned. Don't let it stop you from planning new things
  5. You can't convince anyone of anything online (outside of list 😉) so stop trying.
  6. Arguing never solved anything. Try to see things from their perspective.
  7. Seize the day! Don't let your ideas and dreams get away from you. Make time to work on them.
  8. Call your mom. She loves you so much.
  9. Stop taking offense at everything. You have power to reign that impulse in.
  10. Don't gang up on anyone in an argument online. If you think they're in the wrong message them privately. Make room for them to not see things your way. Love them anyway.
  11. Jealousy can only kill you if you let it. If you see someone accomplishing their goals cheer them on and use it as inspiration for your own.
  12. Be excellent to each other!
  13. And party on dudes!