All the wierd costumes I ever wore for work

This week as I'm hiring Santas all across America to work in Pet Stores this weekend I thought it would be fun to look back at all the wierd costumes that I've ever worn for work that I have pictures of
  1. This was for an episode of the show Boardwalk Empire
  2. As an old timey gas pump attendant to the left of Richard Simmons
  3. Not a costume per say, just an outfit. I was running on a treadmill in Rockports for an event and i just loved this photo
  4. I was in a Lowes demonstrating how to use a grill
  5. I was managing a popup store for Bagel-Fuls snacks and simultaneously doing my best Ad-Rock impression
  6. A different side of the bagel-fuls manager doing pretend kareoke on the street
  7. As a MT Rushmore head for North Dakota tourism
  8. As Uncle Sam. I have no idea what for either.
  9. Me and 30 other guys were running around with big rabbit heads on for some reason
  10. This was for Zyrtek. I was a nose in a race for a pr stunt.
  11. Short film of which the less said the better
  12. As a crazed cult member promoting the short lived NBC tv show "The Event"
  13. As a Santa in a spanish grocery store (yes I've done it before"
  14. As a pretend tour guide for a pop up store for the tv show "Swamp People"
  15. As A cowboy for something that i don't remember
  16. As a crazed cult member promoting the tv show Tosh 2.0 me and a few other guys wandered the city in robes rambling about Tosh. This is me on the Brooklyn Bridge. Probably the most fun I've ever had
  17. Another side of the cult. The next day we got paid to sit down and enjoy a Mets game
  18. I wasn't the Trix Rabbit that day but this is what the outfit looks like that i wore later
  19. One of my favorites! Promoting the bodies exhibit in South Street Seaport
  20. No idea what this was for but me and a lot of other wierdly dressed types made a lot of money
  21. For Unreal Candy at a Jingle Ball Concert. They really liked the Morph suits
  22. In quiet repose on the set of some tv show
  23. In a morph suit this time for Party City
  24. I think it was for a pasta store?
  25. I got to be one of the pigs to promote an Anrgy Birds Star Wars game
  26. As early 20th century golfer Bobby Jones at a country club
  27. As the Charmin Bear. Go with the flow!
  28. As your friendly neighborhood good humor man!
  29. As some sort of germ or cell for a medical convention
  30. As King Bauodiun who marched in the funeral procession in the movie "Jackie"
    Feel free to correct my spelling
  31. As a mayan preidicting the end of the world for my friends wierd comedy show
  32. As the fruit of the loom gang!
  33. The previous year as the grape!
  34. As some kind of chef or something