1. Like the rest of you i don't have to bother looking at trending lists anymore; i just scroll through my feed.
  2. But what am i missing by only seeing an algorithm?
  3. I have no idea and thats where you come in!
    Maybe a sense of competition?
  4. Send me your list links. I'll post my favorites and the winner every week will receive 5 dollars anyway you choose.
    paypall, dwolla, venmo, chase quickpay, etc
  5. But what kind of lists am I looking for? Honestly i have no idea but the more creative and honest the better. Funny, inspirational, sad, scary, mindblowing.
  6. Also i will post a weekly youtube video on monday reading the winners list and select runners up!
  7. Point for first, second and third will be awarded for an even crazier end of the year contest!
  8. Let the games begin!