I used most of your questions from this list Im interviewing John Wilson, founder of the razzie awards today. What questions should i ask him?. One or two of them he answered in the course of my conversation with him and one of the questions about how much the award costs is answered in a video on the site
  1. @Dashelamet asked how much the razzie award costs to make. This video will answer your question (spoiler: not much)
  2. @bsizzle33 he answered your question about Halle Berry in other interviews and he mentioned it to me briefly as well but the answer is he was very excited
  3. @NumbahTwo i think i used your question but he didnt really answer it i think. Sorry!
  4. @billnye @MatthewAlmont great questions! he answered them well i think.
  5. I talked to him for over an hour he was so much fun. If anyone is really interested i can post the other stuff that i had to cut for length.
  6. @BWN_7 i think he wrote about your question in another interview as well. He said that people who dont like the awards generally just ignore him