Ps they were awesome dates. She said she had a wonderful time and i paid for everything every time
  1. You feel more alone than before because she doesnt seem interested in talking to you except when you're on a date
    She also knows you don't have other friends that you hang out with or talk to on a regular basis
  2. She wouldnt watch your stand up video and didnt mention reading the article you sent her that you wrote and is important to you
  3. You asked if you could call her and talk about how you're hoping these dates are becoming a thing and she didnt answer the phone at 8 o clock or call you back or text why she couldnt callback or even mention that you called
  4. Frequently when she texts back its 24 hours later
  5. Any signs of physical affection are initiated by you
    Kisses and i held her hand briefly in the car. I should point out that she's a strict no sex before marriage christian and she asked me and i am not
  6. Has never commented on anything i post on facebook and I'm pretty active
  7. She just said "she wanted to manage my expectations and she isn't sure if this is a romantic connection or not"