Thanks for the request @bjnovak
  1. It would definitely be 20,000 leagues under the sea and that part where the octopus is attacking the ship and you casually make a joke about what it must be like having all those arms to hold you
  2. And this girl sitting next to you thinks its a come on and you buy her a drink and talk about the meaninglessness of great art under the trump administration
  3. She tells you about the indie film she's directing about a woman on the L train having a chance encounter with her father who she hasn't seen in 20 years and they have a great conversation and talk about life and her favorite books and his job as an anthropologist and about how sad it is that mom died and she tells him she hates him and he knows
  4. You tell her it sounds like a fuckin awesome film and it just sounds so great and you dont understand why it isnt reaching its kickstarter goals and maybe some people just dont appreciate true art
  5. And she starts crying and saying that she doesnt know what people want just what the fuck do they want and how its so hard to do what you really want to do in life and how come no one will support your dreams
  6. You explain to her that you know what she means and you secretly want to draw a webcomic about a colony of army ants thats really into fashion but everyone makes fun of the idea at the Brooklyn Courthouse where you work as a stenographer for a judge whose ideals you really admire but he doesn't even know your name
  7. Fuck those people she says
  8. Yeah fuck those people you say
  9. Then she reaches over to brush something out of your hair and starts kissing you for what seems like forever
  10. Then she gets up suddenly and tells you shes going to the bathroom and you never see her again