I moved back home with my parents because of chrohns disease around christmas and my digestion kicks in around 4am and wakes me up making me feel awful
  1. More time to think about the Rose Gold iphone i'm going to go wait in line for at the Verizon store in about 2 hours
  2. Attempting to lay there for a few minutes and will myself back to sleep which sometimes works
  3. I get to hear the crickets sing outside my window which is something you don't hear often during the day
  4. All of life's decisions and regrets tend to go through my head about this time so thats a plus
  5. I get to go back to sleep twice which means I have something to look forward to
  6. It means that i get out of bed and eat more food and continue to push my weight up. I've been severely underweight for 15 years and the 143 or so i'm at now is a high water mark that i'm thrillled about
  7. My list of unfinished drafts is getting rather ridiculous since i'm usually pretty tired during the day so now is when i find myself, strangely enough, the most awake to write lists
  8. I really failed to make that last one sound positive didnt i?
  9. How bout "every moment i wake up is more time to be thankful i'm alive"?
  10. Yeah that's it!