1. I'm driving from Virginia to go to an annual new years party tomorrow in Oceanport New Jersey with a bunch of friends who are mostly musicians.
  2. I've been to this thing like 5 years out of the last 8 I feel like and it starts at 7 pm.
  3. Now I know what you're thinking "a new years party on January 2nd?" Yeah I get it, it sounds a little strange to me too but this party is so well arranged with the most fantastic people that I have a feeling they rearranged it to accommodate a few schedules
  4. I don't want to drive 6 or 7 hours straight and just show up to relax I want to go somewhere else first to relax in order to relax properly later so maybe you might want to get coffee somewhere about 5pm or so?
  5. In fact do you play music and live near the shore? If so there's a good chance you might know some of my friends then and when we meet and I tell you about it you'll probably want to go which is fine too because when I arrive I'll be like "hey this is my friend so and so and you would love them so here they are"
  6. We don't wear name tags or anything it's not one of those kind of parties this is one of those sophisticated sip wine, listen to the shins, and tell stories about the neighborhood kind of things
  7. Don't make this sound like a big commitment or anything, you're making it wierd when it doesn't need to be. You can even bring up Bill Cosby's arrest this is a safe place. I promise. We won't even hold it against you if you want to vote for Donald Trump although we might look at you funny and joke about challenging you to a duel.
  8. So whose up for coffee?