This is probably my last chance to get @bjnovak to follow me. I hope this real and true dream from my drafts will do it. Also i watched the office from start to finish on netflix not counting the awful season or 2 after michael left. Sorry @bjnovak i bet that broke your heart when it happened too
  1. I saw him standing by himself. I think it was in an airplane. I shook his hand and said "thanks"
  2. He said "for what?"
  3. I said "for the" then i made the sign of the "L" with my left hand held it up to my chest
  4. His eyes went wild and he grabbed my hand
  5. Then he said "i want you to list me as hard as you can"
  6. And i said "about anything and everything?
  7. What if i want to list about worst family vacations or favorite types of mold that ive fed to my ducks? What if i want to list about my favorite Conan stories from Robert E Howard?
  8. "Anything" he said
  9. "Are there any rules?" I wanted to know
  10. He grabbed me by the shoulders and whispered "don't talk about list app"
  11. So yeah. I was pretty excited about list app so much that i really did dream about it. This is something that people not in the beta may not understand later. So i had to post it today to join in the general pall fallen over the list app today