A comic book store had a sale on all their old comics for one dollar each. I bought about 50. Here are some of my favorites
  1. Quantum Leap 12
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    Who even knew there was a quantum leap comic. Obviously i would have bought more if they were there
  2. Superman family 209
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    So much goodness here
  3. The spectacular spider man super sized annual 8
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    Gwen stacy alive?? How could this be?
  4. Bone 19
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    Always heard good tings about the little guy
  5. Conan the barbarian 53
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    Clearly i should have bought more of these
  6. Captain america 263
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    Always had a soft spot for the red skull
  7. What if... 16
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    Well what if dammit?
  8. Swamp thing 22
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    Well does he die or what?
  9. Peter parker the spectacular spider man 39
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    Its really really old
  10. The further adventures of indiana jones
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    Better duck Dr. Jones!
  11. The brave and the bold 156
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    So much action!
  12. Fantastic four 170
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    They're still fantastic even if their movies blow
  13. Peter Porker the spectacular spider ham 1
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    Did u read that title carefully?
  14. The Punisher 7
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    It was a simpler time
  15. Knights of the dinner table 138
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    No idea but i'm pretty sure thats Gary Gygax
  16. Superman and the legion of super-heroes 13
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    This sounds like a really boring star trek: tng plot
  17. Daredevil 314
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    Not as old as the others but wow
  18. Dazzler 3
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    Barely remember who she is but good luck fighting dr. Doom
  19. Kamandi 48
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    This was probably made by someone in his 50's at the time
  20. Kull the conqueror
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    Hail the King
  21. Lobo 1
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    Someone give this guy a movie
  22. World of Krypton 2
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    Argo city! Oh no! brainiac! ... Etc
  23. Superboy starting the legion of super-heroes
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    I'll probably never own a comic with a lower cover price
  24. Groo 96
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    Always wanted to read this comic when i was younger. By the creator of mad magazine Sergio Aragone