A comic book store had a sale on all their old comics for one dollar each. I bought about 50. Here are some of my favorites
  1. Quantum Leap 12
    Who even knew there was a quantum leap comic. Obviously i would have bought more if they were there
  2. Superman family 209
    So much goodness here
  3. The spectacular spider man super sized annual 8
    Gwen stacy alive?? How could this be?
  4. Bone 19
    Always heard good tings about the little guy
  5. Conan the barbarian 53
    Clearly i should have bought more of these
  6. Captain america 263
    Always had a soft spot for the red skull
  7. What if... 16
    Well what if dammit?
  8. Swamp thing 22
    Well does he die or what?
  9. Peter parker the spectacular spider man 39
    Its really really old
  10. The further adventures of indiana jones
    Better duck Dr. Jones!
  11. The brave and the bold 156
    So much action!
  12. Fantastic four 170
    They're still fantastic even if their movies blow
  13. Peter Porker the spectacular spider ham 1
    Did u read that title carefully?
  14. The Punisher 7
    It was a simpler time
  15. Knights of the dinner table 138
    No idea but i'm pretty sure thats Gary Gygax
  16. Superman and the legion of super-heroes 13
    This sounds like a really boring star trek: tng plot
  17. Daredevil 314
    Not as old as the others but wow
  18. Dazzler 3
    Barely remember who she is but good luck fighting dr. Doom
  19. Kamandi 48
    This was probably made by someone in his 50's at the time
  20. Kull the conqueror
    Hail the King
  21. Lobo 1
    Someone give this guy a movie
  22. World of Krypton 2
    Argo city! Oh no! brainiac! ... Etc
  23. Superboy starting the legion of super-heroes
    I'll probably never own a comic with a lower cover price
  24. Groo 96
    Always wanted to read this comic when i was younger. By the creator of mad magazine Sergio Aragone