Each favorite movie was eventually displaced by the next one on the list
  1. The Wizard of Oz - age 5
    I was 5 years old and at the time i remember this movie came on network television once a year and i always begged my parents to watch it. That year i think i had to watch it at the girl's house next door because my dad was tired of it
  2. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - age 7
    This movie gave me and every kid in america a love of reese's pieces
  3. Batman (1989) - age 14
    This was the first movie that i went to without my parents. I walked to the theater about 2 miles away. The next year it was the first movie i ever bought (vhs). I nearly memorized this movie and used to do impressions of every single character. "This town needs an enema!"
  4. Life is Beautiful - Age 22
    At the end when Roberto Benigni is gunned down in the internment camp and his son sees the tank hours later and thinks he's won the game I just lost it.
  5. The Royal Tenanbaums - Age 26
    So many things to say about this movie. It unleashed a lot of emotions and most of them feature Nico singing. I always wanted to be a Tenanbaum.
  6. The Wrestler - Age 33
    I declared this was my favorite movie as soon as i saw the trailer. I identified so strongly with the character giving it all he had and it was killing him. When i took my friend to see it, a 50 year old who frequently plays cops on television, he said "are you trying to get me to quit acting?" Combined with the Bruce Springsteen song, it just hits all the emotional high notes - unflinchingly raw and brutal