Everything you've always wanted (I hope)
  1. The audio book of "Sur Sango Tero" translated from the original esperanto and read by @williamshatner
  2. This chair where you can Don Draper all you want and no one will have any idea what you're doing
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  3. Its also Ralph Lauren's birthday. I bet he would do the smurf with you if you invited him over and then he would show you his signature line of new eyewear
  4. You fly me in and I'll let you beat me at Shadowrun for 3 hours
  5. Facetime with @blake where you play Sudoku against each other and discuss how software development used to be before those damned kids got involved
  6. A DVD of the Beastie Boys and Run DMC's "Together Forever" tour with audio commentary by Q-Tip
  7. I'll write a very stern email to all the people that you invited but never showed up and tell them about all the fun that they missed that they can never have now
  8. Hope you still have some cake🙋🏿