Everyone here seems like theyre being too nice. When are people gonna stop being nice and start being real? List was requested by @mianguyen
  1. When someone on List App leaves pizza boxes on the floor from last night even though they are now clearly garbage and not recycling because it has grease and cheese and sauce coating the inside. The trash cans are just outside. How much effort does it take to walk an extra 10 feet and throw them away after enjoying your 5 dollar pie?
  2. When you wake up in the morning and you see pots stacked up in the sink with dirty water in them and you just want to ask whatever List Apper who did it to not leave dirty pots in the sink because we all use it and you're creating more work for the rest of us
  3. Talk about Ryan Adams. Right @charlie ?
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  4. When you see someone from the List App totally manspreading on the subway and you really need to sit down
  5. You lent someone on the List App 5 bucks and you cant remember who it is
  6. If you totally Dane Cook someone and steal their list. @mindy has this list called "for i shall be be your big sister" about what constitutes a date. Ie such and such is or isnt a date. I'm absolutely certain i've seen someone else do that same list!
  7. I think if someone wrote something really specific like "list app best practices" or "the list app style guide" there would definitely be some fights
  8. New York vs LA - come on List Appers, let's have this one out. I know you're dying to.
  9. Not a lot of talk about sports on here. Pretty sure if this opens to the general public we'll get lists like "reasons why Mayweather can suck my dick" and then arguments will fly faster than you can say "I wasted a hundred dollars on Mayweather vs Pacquiao"
  10. I know you are but what am i?
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    This simple defense against bullies could cause a lot of disagreement if used in the right context
  11. You open up your box of premium kush and you could swear that someone else from the list app smoked it but they wont admit it. Rumors will fly and then the arguments will start
  12. Someone tries to define what "off the chain" means. The answer - no one knows and as soon as someone does you can bet that another list apper will have a different idea
  13. It's 11pm and someone from the List App is playing Biggie Smalls super loud in the next room - you know because you can hear someone singing along loudly "blow up like the World Trade". You come out and ask them to turn the music down because you have to work in the morning and they say "get a fan and put it in your room"