What do you think about this @billmaher ?
  1. Donald Trump calls the plastic caps on toy guns for children “More PC Crap”. Parents start buying younger and younger kids guns for every occasion and then an angry 8 year old murders his whole family before turning it on himself.
  2. Pat Robertson killed in live broadcast by someone he believed to be a friend who he knew was carrying a gun in order to protect him. Kinda similar to what Adama fell for in Battlestar Galactica when greeting Boomer
  3. Jesus Christ himself comes back to Earth in a fiery chariot and proclaims “No more guns on the Planet” and a big tear rolls down his cheek like that crying Indian commercial.
  4. NRA puts out a statement that they have failed us over the years by continually fighting the removal and restriction of guns in any and every aspect of American life then sponsors a buyback program of guns for food and the guns are thrown into a huge melting vat.
  5. Aliens take over the bodies of all prominent Republican leaders. Spoiler they've already taken over the body of Marco Rubio but no one noticed
  6. Cartoon Network and Disney Channel come out with hip Anti-Gun cartoon similar to Captain Planet and every kid in America watches it.
  7. Wal-Mart puts out recall label for all guns sold labeling them as “dangerous to consumers”.
  8. The entire Middle East declares peace with Israel and then Isis releases all hostages and announces that “maybe we’ve been going about this the wrong way.”
  9. There’s a rapture but only for African-Americans and Muslims.
  10. Jimmy Carter comes out in favor of guns. Rush Limbaugh declares that “this must be some sort of liberal mind-control trick.” He refuses to do anything Carter says by proxy and all his listeners immediately start building houses for the homeless instead.
  11. All bullets in the United States mysteriously vanish. It turns out later that this is the plot of a Stephen King novel.
  12. Robert E Lee rises from the grave and begins a campaign openly mocking open carry laws saying "that would be challenging someone to a duel in my day"