I got the most amazing Secret Santa gifts from @awrinkleintime and @americanmum !!!!

Awrinkleintime sent me part of a gift and then the second part got lost in the mail. In the meantime American Mum got my gift and shocked me by sending me one in return: a personalized minizine that i will treasure forever
  1. This part of Awrinkle's gift came in before christmas and it's a charming and adorable compilation of memorable moments from the Peanuts comic strips about life
  2. Then i got this card in the mail from @americanmum Such a classy lady!
  3. She filled out a list of her favorite things that i pre-wrote for her!
  4. She took many moments that i had written and forgotten about and illustrated them. Can you imagine a more thoughtful gift? I only wonder why she thought i was fluent in Spanish?
    This was one of my first lists and it was just something fun to write
  5. I do love Bernie!
    But i dont remember writing about him
  6. William Shatner's 2005 album "Has Been" is one of my all time favorites
  7. A lot of people think i should be a big bang watcher but I'm not really. I do like seeing Sheldon in other things though.
  8. She drew a very serious me. I think she's referencing how I went to List live in Brooklyn
  9. I could watch Bob Dole fall off that podium all day
  10. I have not seen the Hateful 8 but I have little doubt that I will love it
  11. Ahhh the grap lady youtube video. So fun. So bad. So much pain. Thank you American Mum you have touched my heart
  12. And then last week a wrinkle in time's new gift arrived!
  13. The lettering on the side of the packaging
  14. As soon as i opened it ❤️
  15. It's a cd! I haven't gotten a mix cd in many years and this music gave me a range of emotions but mainly it brought me back to a time when i was younger and full of dreams and had no thought of failure. I only knew the two older songs by led zeppelin and Tiny Dancer. The rest was about love and longing.
  16. I ate one of these immediately
  17. She gave me pencils and a pen and a doodle notebook with dots in it!
  18. This is a closeup of the dots
  19. And finally this mysterious letter with cat stickers
  20. I hope you dont mind that i included this letter. It was beautiful and random and messy and full of emotion. It was exactly the kind of letter i used to get 20 years ago that caused me to fall deeply in love because she wasn't afraid to show her true wierd self. I love silly little word play jokes like the one at the top about edgar allan poe
    I don't know if i can repay you for this kindness. @DawnCloud can you believe it?
  21. @awrinkleintime and @americanmum i am lucky to have such wonderful online friends like you. Keep on opening your heart like this and only good things can come out of it.