I normally don't like "how my life" or "how my day is lists" but i thought a list called "reasons im excited about dating the unicorn" wouldn't be as good. Shoot maybe this won't be as good but im tired. Follow along part 1 here I went out with a unicorn this week!
  1. I followed @ErinFlaherty 's advice and left her alone for several days before finally calling and leaving a message and seeing if she wanted to go out that weekend
  2. She texted back i think a day or two later that her weekend was booked how bout later in the week
  3. I agreed and later in the week turned out to be the following Thursday which meant date number 2 turned out to be 2 weeks to the day after date #1. I was in panic city. Is she trying to friend Zone me? Is she just not interested?
  4. Went out to dinner at a pub at the beach and had a relaxing enjoyable time with no awkward pauses. Afterwards we walked over to a music thing for old people at the beach where a few session musicians played classical rock music probably for some cause but we were late and i dont remember. Their neil diamond stuff was fun.
    Discovered that she has a sense of humor and we got to laugh about wierd things about the music, how stoned the bass player looked, and the ponytail on the keyboardist. Kissed in the parking garage several times. Asked if she wanted to meet again the weekend and she said yes
  5. I'd been eyeing this for a while. Its exactly what it says it is: live streaming of an opera at a movie theater. It was Romeo Et Juliette. We loved it!! Also i bought lunch for us to take inside!! Discovered that we can whisper and make occasional jokes to each other during a movie. This is really important to me. I know it sounds silly
    Ps during the production break the filmed version had a host that went backstage and talked about the show and she said "as we know romeo and juliette tragically die" i instantly yelled "spoiler alert! Thanks a lot!" She laughed. It was a nice moment.
  6. I should also mention that i payed for all 3 of her meals at this point.
  7. Kissed some more in the parking lot and asked her for date number #4 to see my friend and pastor Scott Crowder play at a house show. She said she wanted to and lets get dinner before also.
  8. Ps she was late to dinner for date #2 and 20 minutes late to romeo Et Juliette which is wierd because she's a proffessional organizer but i didn't say a thing. I figured she was doing her best and i was just grateful to be with her
  9. Im in uncharted territory here but I'm no longer afraid. Thanks you guys for listening and cheering me on all the time.