@boygirlparty asked me to do this so i'm going to follow her format and introduce myself first
  1. I lived in new york for many years as an actor and comic until i almost died from chrohn's disease. I wrote about it in this incredibly long list here MY JOURNEY WITH CHROHN'S DISEASE - A TIMELINE 📂
  2. Being sick for so long caused me to declare bankruptcy and move back home. 10 THINGS I LEARNED FROM MY RECENT BANKRUPTCY
  3. I know i sound like a lot of fun but i have a lot of comic lists as well like this one HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE
  4. I'm a published writer, paid comic, and actor and im 40 years old and living in my parents house. I feel terrific most of the time but usually i wake up hungry which makes me dizzy and tired. Ive been in a semi fatigued state for a year and a half since i moved back home. I want to move back to brooklyn where im still renting my apartment
  5. Despite my relatively low follower count i twice scaled the lofty heights of the trending list and ascended to number one . These are the ten commandments of list app. You would do well to commit them to memory. Even @sophia liked them TEN COMMANDMENTS OF LIST APP
    The first one was an ode to the end of beta that made everyone cry: the sound of list app THE SOUND OF LIST APP
  6. I can safely say that I am the list app expert on wrestling and video games. Sadly, my lists about those things haven't garnered much attention so i haven't written much about them. Here is my list of wrestling terms WRESTLING INSIDER TERMS
    And why life is like wrestling WHY REAL LIFE IS LIKE WRESTLING
  7. Also i am going to list app live in new york tomorrow
  8. what's the weirdest joke you've made about being sick?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  9. B@boygirlparty i have a comedy routine about it and i used to close with: chrohn's disease - brings new meaning to the term "no one cares about your shit"
  10. what's been something you'd like other people to know about chronic illness?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  11. @boygirlparty it makes me more emotional and raw sometimes. Im more sympathetic and humble now. People with an illness know how fragile life is and when they're well will do anything to help you
  12. are you reading your commandments at list app live?? may I suggest sock puppets?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  13. Im not scheduled to read the ten commandments of list app at the show tomorrow. Maybe @bjnovak @dev @Nicholas @jeremysomething @minhal or @charlie can make that happen
  14. Who is your favorite wrestler and why?
    Suggested by @holly70
  15. Currently my favorite wrestler is Tommy Dreamer. He was known as the innovator of violence in ecw before they were bought by Vince McMahon and watered down. "Thank you sir may i have another" he is remembered to have said during an infamous singapore cane match. https://youtu.be/A-4R7EGSHSA. He loved wrestling more than anyone else
    And today runs his own organization called "house of hardcore" that brings in wrestlers from other organizations like Ring of Honor and TNA. When a wrestler dies he is the first one on twitter to give a story about them and pray for their families. I love tommy dreamer because like me he is the ultimate fan of wrestling. He loves it for what it is and what it can be when its at its greatest
  16. How's your health since you wrote that list in December?
    You mentioned other medications or diet adjustments you could try. Just wondered how you're holding up! 🙂
    Suggested by @jhope71
  17. @jhope71 i am honestly the best i've ever been mentally, and spiritually and better than i've been physically in 15 years. I'm so optimistic for the future and want to fall in love with someone who feels the way.
  18. Do you find writing cathartic when you're not feeling well?
    Suggested by @The_Queen_G
  19. @The_Queen_G when I'm not feeling well i usually can't write either. Were you peeking at my older lists?