1. Dear you,
  2. Let me be the first to admit it.
  3. I'm often wrong about things
  4. When we first met I guessed that your favorite ice cream flavor was chocolate
  5. It turned out to be moose tracks
  6. I figured you for the type that didn't like cooking
  7. So naturally you surprised me for my birthday with an incredible veal cutlet
  8. I told you that my family probably wouldn't like you
  9. Now they have you over for cards like once a week
  10. I was wrong last week when we went shopping for that dress you liked in that magazine
  11. And I was sure they wouldn't have it in your size
  12. It turns out that they did
  13. Forgive me for suggesting that Canadian Geese would make great pets.
  14. I thought i had read it somewhere
  15. I thought i would never get the yard clear of feathers and animal droppings
  16. Thank god winter came early this year
  17. I was wrong last week when we were watching Jeopardy and on a double jeopardy question where the category was "all things must pass" for $600 I guessed it was "La Plaza" it turned out to be "La Plaz"
  18. At least I was close
  19. I was really wrong when i told you that the generic version of your favorite cereal would taste almost exactly the same
  20. As a matter of fact it was kind of lousy
  21. I was quite mistaken when after dropping our remote control I told you that you wouldn't be able to put it back together again because it was so messed up
  22. Remember when I told you that orange Jell-O was going to be a cinch to make from scrap?
  23. Well you can safely put that one in the pile of things that I've been wrong about
  24. Or how bout the time I picked up a homeless guy who wanted a ride and I suggested that it might be interesting and I might learn something?
  25. The only thing we learned was how quickly we wanted him out of the car
  26. And just last week I suggested that because of your exotic taste that you would probably love buttermilk.
  27. I'll give you a hint who was wrong about that.
  28. It wasn't you
  29. In fact before we met I had this mistaken belief that I was im fact quite right most of the time
  30. This too has been proven false
  31. What I mean is..
  32. Oftentimes when I don't know something I just make a conjecture about it and no one else but you will notice how off it is
  33. Sometimes I talk too much or say the wrong thing and I'm glad that you cut me off to prevent my wrongheadedness from going any further
  34. After meeting someone new and saying what I have to say I freaquently say a little too much and get myself into trouble
  35. You're right. Most of my opinions I should keep to myself.
  36. I'm not really as clean as I thought
  37. Shirts shouldn't be worn 3 days in a row without being washed for any reason
  38. A lot of my ideas could really use some spit and polishing that I frequently don't take the time as you do to add depth and character to them
  39. And you're right. I should eat more.
  40. So...
  41. What I'm trying to say is really
  42. I'm often wrong about things
  43. But I'm so glad I wasn't wrong about you