1. When he introduced himself and said something about medical i assumed it was another desperate phone call to remind me to sign up for health care
  2. I stopped for a second and said "what's that?"
  3. Then he began again in perfect cadence
  4. I assumed he was a robot because he repeated his speech exactly the same way
  5. I said "Gary are you a robot?"
  6. He repeated his sales pitch again
  7. Finally i understood and I explained to him that I wasn't a senior citizen
  8. Unphased he started again reminding me that a tragic fall or circumstance could be right around the corner
  9. Is this because I just turned 40? How did this guy get my number? I definitely wasn't looking at any websites for medical alert necklaces or bracelets to wear.
  10. I thanked him and said "Merry Christmas Gary" and hung up