Aka a mythical creature that i did not think existed
  1. So this girl matched with me on Tinder
    We have a million church friends in common and she went to my church for a brief time in the 90's but i didn't know her at all.
  2. She quizzed me extensively about music as kind of a prescreen and her two most important questions were A) who do i vote for and Stones or Beatles?
    I told her Hillary but I was a Bernie supporter and That the stones music was very influential including their 1966 classic beggars banquet but i just never listened to them.She liked my answer and said she just couldnt connect with stones fans
  3. We went Thursday night to a bar that was pretty empty because classes at William and Mary hadn't started back up yet and we got along swimmingly talking for almost 3 hours
  4. Somehow, like myself, she is also 40, never married and no children but yet a fairly positive person. We talked about our dissapointments in not being married and often seeming close but so far away from the right person
  5. She can't wait to get out of williamsburg virginia and i cant wait to leave either
  6. We kissed goodbye twice and she said she wanted to go out again
  7. She said she's not much of a phone person so I've been texting but she takes hours to get back and now its been 3 days later.
  8. Is it too early to be worried that she's not interested?
  9. Yes, i can go from excited to panicked in 3 days. It doesnt take me long.