1. I must have sent like 8 pitches about entertainment, music and politics since my last article went up. 2 of them were good but someone else had already been assigned to them
  2. I had a story idea that i lost because i couldn't get an interview with a comedian that i know from a friend of a friend who is starring in a new Amazon Pilot
  3. Its tough trying to write about entertainment when i feel like im in a cultural black hole living at home and helping my family all the time and watching kids and all kinds of stuff
  4. I do listen to podcasts all the time when i drive though and this one was fun and i thought it would be neat to write about a podcast instead of all the other more typical entertainments
  5. I spent hours initially trying to get an interview for the podcast that was with someone that turned out to be the marketing director of ge and everything she said kind of sounded like a commercial and unfortunately i couldnt use it.
  6. But i kept trying and eventually got to talk to the creators of the podcast and it turned out okay.
  7. I hope you like the story and listen to the podcast so we can talk about it.
  8. Im purposely leaving out how terrified i was to write it because of all the pressure i put on myself and how much i want to work creatively full time. But thats a given right?
  9. Much thanks to @marginally_amazing for listening to me and telling me my story was interesting. Thats the kind of encouragement that helps me to keep going