1. I had been attending a karate school for a few months taught by a guy whose claim to fame seemed to be that he beat Chuck Norris during an exhibition fight at the 86 Pan Am Games
    You don't know how much I wish I had a picture of them shaking hands that was hanginf in the dojo
  2. I was in the children's classes, but of course he taught adult classes as well and i did not think about this at the time but the men and the boys shared a common dressing room.
  3. I walked in to the dressing room one day to change into my gi (formal japanese name for a practice uniform) and i saw a naked adult male with a moustache and what seemed to me to be an enormous penis.
  4. I was scared and nervous of him coming closer with what looked like a weapon to me. Is this what it means to be an adult I thought?