Little life challenges

Sometimes life just seems like a easy game! Here's some ways to make it a little more challenging.
  1. Trying to get through an open door that someone else just opened before it closes on you.
  2. Trying to finish the page you're reading in your book and put the book in your bag and zip it up before the subway door closes at your stop
  3. Seeing how many things you can cram into schedule c on your taxes without getting audited
  4. Finding out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop
  5. Trying to get to class before the bell rings
    It's alright because I'm saved by the bell
  6. Making it through Thanksgiving and other holidays without getting into an argument with your family
  7. Trying to get work done while you're on hold with the insurance company while not losing the call
  8. Trying to hit someone with a water balloon from the top of a tall building
  9. Trying to finish a shower in time to not burn your rice
  10. Seeing how long you can bike with your eyes closed without hitting anything
  11. Seeing how many times you can prank call the president without getting put on a watch list
  12. Finding out how many King of the Hill episodes you can watch in a row without getting up to use the bathroom
  13. Catching up on lists while waiting for a phone call with a low battery and a full bladder 😂
    Suggested by   @NumbahTwo