Look at all this shit you can get for a dollar!

The dollar tree rules the world you guys
  1. All this glow stix shit
  2. Fuckin star wars puzzles. Am i right?
  3. 8 golf balls???? Pinch me
  4. Mother fuckin grover and big bird in a coloring book
  5. You're gonna need funny glasses sometime between the ages of 7 and 12 so you best get them now!
  6. A book about Norman Mailer for fucks sake! Dude wrote the Naked and the Dead right outta the gate.
  7. At some point in your life you'll want to multiply or subtract some numbers quickly and you'll be thanking your lucky stars you have this guy handy
  8. Its Ultra Deluxe. I rest my case
  9. 4 rolls of toilet paper? Just when you thought going to the bathroom couldn't be any cheaper
  10. The quicker picker upper for gods sake!
  11. There you are walking around in dog shit because of your dog and now you have these and you can pick that shit up!
  12. Some door hanger shit to put your shit on
  13. A shammy towel??????? Either that or use like 8 paper towels and destroy the environment, the choice is yours.
  14. Nuts are like 8 dollars a pound now! Thats just plain nuts i tell ya!
  15. 6 french rolls to put in the oven when you're feeling intercontinental
  16. They pickled that!
  17. You got ranch and you got italian. Any questions? I didnt think so. Now eat your damn salad!
  18. All sorts of drinks and shit
  19. A quart of milk for a dollar???? Try finding a quart of milk in Zimbabwe, you just can't do it!
  20. All the Shasta you can die of
  21. A whole years supply of meals here for like 100 bucks
  22. An entire duckin bologna section!
  23. Jamaican beef patties and dollar burritos??? Am i in microwave heaven?
  24. This ice cream was so popular it was the only one left
  25. For when you need your fix bad and you only have a dollar
  26. One day you might think about throwing away your old washcloths. And why not???? These are only a dollar!!!
  27. All these water bottles and shit or whatever liquid you want to smuggle into the country. I won't judge you.
  28. Drowing in the savings on this hand soap
  29. Real deodorant for a got damn dollar! Try getting that at your local Ames department store
  30. Welcome to the halls of medicine bitch!
  31. Buncha shit for your hair
  32. Buncha shit for your face or whatever
  33. A dollar for trading cards??? Why am i living anymore???
  34. For when your body needs its shit taped down
  35. These tell people at work that you have an original personality. Isn't that worth a dollar I ask you?
  36. Holy shit! It's socks and socks and socks sir!
  37. I need fashion glasses sir and i wont pay your two dollar retail price
  38. When you gotta charge shit
  39. When you need some cheap shit to hang on your door in october
  40. When you need some cheap shit to hang on your door in december
  41. When you need some cheap shot to hang on your door and never take down
  42. Deck the motha fuckin halls with this shit
  43. I got this candy shit down
  44. You're gonna want to mail something! Why not buy this shit and do it right!
  45. For when you don't got much money but you want to have more money
  46. Thats a lot of shit you guys!