1. The one that the monkey ate in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and he died immediately afterwards
  2. So wherever you are in your dating life or if you don't even have one and a girl tells you that she's feeling a "friend vibe" from you
  3. And then you ask her why she feels that way and she responds that if we don't have romantic chemistry then we just don't and there's no point in arguing or discussing it and you don't have to hyper analyze everything
  4. And then you explain to her that hyper analyzing is a personality trait and you don't get to be 40, single, and childless by being good at dating but secretly you remain convinced that if you weren't scared and tried to kiss her good night on what sure seemed like a date since you met her on tinder then maybe she wouldn't be thinking that you
  5. Weren't a guy who she wouldn't want to be kissing.
  6. This is all by email by the way but otherwise it was just fine. I thought we had a fun time you know but stuff happens. Its called life
  7. Life is a thing that happens
  8. Kind of like watching Donald Trump's speech last night and thinking you were watching a horror movie.
  9. It sure raised my blood pressure and made me fearful for the moment but i don't want you guys to be afraid. So i made this joke that at least in 6 months we have a new season of presidential apprentice to look forward to
  10. I hope your date was better than mine