My acting headshots throughout the years

Despite what you've heard. Yes folks, I'm an actor. I'm available for parties, bar mitzvahs and old tournaments or anywhere you could use someone who can stand and deliver lines
  1. 2000. No idea where or who shot this but i paid for it i think. Would you believe I was 25??? Who is that guy?
  2. 2002 - 2nd one shot in some photographers garage. My brother pointed out i was leaning in the photo.
  3. 2005 - This was from Joe Henson, a nyc headshot photographer who came to virginia. smoldering. Not touched up. In hindsight it presented me as a model type. Joe will make you look like a million bucks for under a thousand dollars.
  4. 2005 - from the same session. My first comedy headshot. I still love this one and think i could use it today.
  5. 2007 - i was referred to the photographer from an agent who only got me one audition., and i had to take a bus to new jersey and shot at his house. I was wayyy nervous back then about auditions and agents in new york city.
  6. 2008 - on set shot. Styling. Friend took the photo with his phone and it makes me look pretty serious.
  7. 2009 - photographer was a friend of mine and shot outside. Still represents me pretty well. Best headshot ive had or will have for 100 dollars. She lives in LA now.
    Christine Goulden.
  8. 2009 - i alternated with this one. Same session obvs.
  9. 2011 - photographer was some girl i liked in virginia. Shot in a park. Im embarrassed that i thought this was okay
  10. 2011 - same session with the girl. This one wasn't bad. I still didn't know how to present myself
  11. 2013 - all business! If you live in new york city and are a performer, Paul Greco is the photographer to call for the best combination of quality and value.
  12. 2013 - same session. The blue shirt works and makes my eyes pop, or at least that's the idea.
  13. 2013 - same session. This is the one I use today. My veteran actor friend, Flint Beverage, said "Josh this makes you look like an actor."