Apparently we are all doing this now. @eatthelove proclaimed it so it must be so
  1. My fav enteractions with celebs list was an early fave. Funny stories about the stars. FAVORITE INTERACTIONS I'VE HAD WITH CELEBRITIES
  2. Some early silliness. Imagining things about the T man MR. T AINT GOT TIME FOR JIBBA JABBA. WHAT DID HE HAVE TIME FOR?
  3. Here's where I started subtly shifting into confessional mode. The true fans caught it REASONS MY DAD WAS UPSET THIS MORNING
  4. Co-opted from an article i wrote, my bankruptcy is an incredible true and funny tale 10 THINGS I LEARNED FROM MY RECENT BANKRUPTCY
  5. In which i share some unsettling truths HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL ACTOR
  6. Another epic list that took me an hour in bed to phrase just right for maximum effect. It was worth it! Look where its taken me today HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE
  7. More confessional uncomfortable stuff. Perfect to chew on while you're in the bathroom THINGS I DID WHILE MY DAD WAS ON A POSSIBLE COCAINE BING
  8. Back to being funny. I joke about eating children THOUGHTS ON HAVING CHILDREN
  9. I went out with a bang THE SOUND OF LIST APP