My funny sports card collection

Like a lot of kids in the 80's and 90's I collected sports cards and spent hours sorting them into" star " and "commons" piles based on Beckett Magazine price grading and looking at every angle. Over the years i assembled a collection of cards that made me laugh from the commons pile and somehow i still have it. You're welcome
  1. Always at the top of the stack. I just loved Kurt Rambis glasses and his general sweatiness
  2. Very few of these cards have funny backs. But in this case, Kurt Rambis looks something what i imagine most of your dads would have looked like playing basketball 20 or 30 years ago. He appears to have no grace or skill and is using sheer persistence and determination to make every basket count. I only wish he had a headband
  3. A lot of the collection is of every very tall basketball players because of the odd perspective. Nowhere is this shown more clearly than in this Manute Bol card where his arms length would appear to be slightly photoshopped and are somewhat jarring
  4. I love the back of this card too. He looks like he's about to say "get in my taxi. Where do you want to go?"
  5. Bol don't lie
  6. Is this plastic man? Are his arms going to stretch 20 feet long and put the ball in the hoop?
  7. The only wrestler card. This is Sean Waltman, aka the 123 Kid, aka Syxx, aka X-Pac (in this photo) doing his famous crotch chop "suck it" pose
  8. What might happen is Mr Belding from Saved by the Bell played baseball
  9. Loved his cutesy name and how he kinda looked like an elf
  10. Gheorge Murrsan just had an off face and looked constantly perplexed
  11. This picture is saying "hello short people hello!"
  12. If he was a superhero
  13. The pictures Not actually that funny but Mark Eaton himself was a strange gabgly man
  14. Worst name in basketball history
  15. Looks like a kid that got lost on the way to the bathroom
  16. I had a wierd fascination with Will Perdue as he was my favorite player (michael jordan)'s teammate.
  17. In your face! Will Perdue says
  18. This takes a lot or concentration, please dont knock me over
  19. The creme de la crem of Will Perdue cards. The face contortion from the strain of this layup slays me
  20. No idea who he is, but this is an awesome action pose
  21. Looks like he's playing a mean game of Hot Potato
  22. "I have no idea how his arm got there officer"
  23. My second favorite card behind the Rambis. I keep it in the middle so I have something to look forward to
  24. Reminds of the wrestler Junkyard Dog doing a dance
  25. Vlade Divac does the best that he can to let this guy through
  26. Did Vlade Divac take sleeping pills? He appears to be watching this dunk with interst from the crowd
  27. You can't stop me, I'm Vlade Divac!
  28. Another favorite. Wes Unseld appears to be a principle from an early Ice Cube film
  29. Just looked like a serial killer to me, that's all
  30. 3 likes?????