My heart is full from Live last night ❤️

  1. I just can't take it guys. Everyone was so wonderful and made my drive from virginia so worth it. I really felt like i belonged. I'm gonna be on this high for a while i think
  2. @ErinFlaherty and @sky who came from boston you guys are precious and i'm sorry you missed your bus
  3. @jakebrandman is a treasure you guys! He was so full of infectious joy last night
  4. @k8mcgarry i feel like ive misjudged you and saw you as someone that you weren't. You were so sweet last in our limited interaction. Wish you all the best on your podcast
    Sorry this is my only picture of you
  5. @vp you are a true gentlemen sir and can't wait for us to be better friends irl
  6. @Waz the gentle giant with the bigger heart. Soon everyone will know how to pronounce your name 🙈 @DG the lady revealed! Hope to talk to you more next time. What a sweet smile!❤️
  7. @dustinboone caring and genuine
  8. @Mary always has a smile on her face. She brightened up the room. Pictured with her friend @klrosenb
  9. @Nicholas you just made my trip complete you were so sweet and funny and charming and affable. You seemed like everybody's best friend and you asked me questions that showed you cared
  10. @dev soft spoken but full of compassion
  11. @Adam (no picture) keep up the good work making films. You've earned it! Your Courtesy and politeness will win anyone over
  12. @dfly to hear you tell me you're a fan of mine humbles me beyond measure. You're a true friend
  13. @videodrew so so funny and sweet. You really know your stuff about pop-culture . Indebted to you for introducing me to BJ sorry I didn't get to say goodbye
  14. @element75 laughing here with @dev i know your hard work is paying off. Stay humble you're gonna achieve great things. A very classy lady
  15. The Bellhouse was packed last night!
  16. @shanaz you were beyond thrilled to be there and you were so funny and natural on stage. When hollywood comes calling keep me on speed dial 😄
  17. And lastly @bjnovak you stayed and talked to everyone for an hour and had time for all. Beyond grateful for what you have done.
    Saving a whole list for bj appreciation
  18. @jeremysomething @minhal @charlie Wish wish you guys were there
  19. Also note this is a list of my personal experiences last night. For a great list about the show look at what @k8mcgarry wrote ⚡️Best Quotes From Live⚡️
  20. forever!